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Electronic Waste Recycling with Greenscape

Electronic industry is the world’s largest innovative industry for its kind. Every year tons of electronic items get shipped over oceans. Yet, after their usage time, they become a complex waste matter. It consists of many hazardous heavy metals, acids, toxic chemicals, and non-degradable plastics. Currently following methods to get rid of e-wastes are Incineration, Acid baths, Landfills. E-wastes ending up as landfills described as a toxic time bomb. We are inviting industry partners as well as education centres to help with the advancement of the e-waste management system. Enroll now.

Eliminating single use plastic with HCL

Plastic is extremely durable, highly flexible and inexpensive to produce. Unfortunately, it is terribly detrimental to the environment. In fact, we use so much plastic that we send a shocking 12 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean each year. How can we prevent plastic pollution from destroying vulnerable marine ecosystems? Focusing on materials, get into design, sourcing and advocacy that can help to combat plastic pollution.

Healthy food for gen next with Chayoos

Obesity has been declared an epidemic that does not discriminate based on age, gender, or ethnicity and thus needs urgent containment and management. Almost 25% of the School going children take ultra-processed food with high levels of sugar, salt, fat, such as pizza and burgers, from fast food outlets more than once a week. There is an urgent need to spread awareness among children and young adults about these adverse effects of junk food. There is no better time than now to build a supportive environment nurturing children and young adults in society and promising good health. Join hands.